It’s Bulb Planting Time!

November 4, 2015

It’s bulb planting time! We are scheduling bulb transplants now through December. We have put together a selection of our favorite bulbs, please scroll down to see all of the beautiful choices. If you have any special requests, colors, or varieties we will be happy to accommodate.

Fall is a great time for transplanting, we can include garden work with the bulb planting to give your garden a great spring show.  Remember Alliums and Daffodils are deer resistant. The Species Tulips may be shorter, but are true perennials that spread and multiply every year.

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Spring Bulb Lookbook


Plant Information


Gladiator – Gladiator Allium create a whimsical, dramatic statement with perfect, globe shaped flowers in a rich purple. Their large blooms are beautiful both in the garden and cut for bouquets.

Red Mohican- Create a unique, colorful statement with this Allium. Red Mohican boasts smaller, deep red blooms that are sweetly-fragrant. Makes for unusual bouquets!

Graceful- The name says it all – Allium Graceful boasts clusters of small, pristine white flowers with lavender staments, making up the globe shaped blooms. This Allium is both deer and pest resistant.

Mediterranean Bell- Mediterranean Bells is a true conversation-starter in the garden! Bell-shaped blooms are cream and purple, hanging elegantly in clusters. The blooms are also fragrant, making this Allium a must-have!

Shubertii- This Allium is a conversation-piece. It boasts huge 12-15″ wide flowers on plants that are only 20″ tall. It’s a great late spring finale.

Drumstick- In early summer Drumstick Allium ignite the garden with unique, reddish blooms that are oval shaped. One customer says it best: “Their shape adds a different dimension to any garden.

True Blue- Azureum produces deep, clear blue flowers on stems only 16” tall. A real beauty!

Purple Sensation- Allium Purple Sensation or Persian Onion is a big favorite, with purple globe flowers about 4 inches across.

Purple Globe- A big favorite from coast to coast. Each globe of flowers is up to 8 inches across! The purple flowers appear in early summer.

Plant Information


Tete a tete – Tete a Tete is the most popular miniature daffodil worldwide. Its fragrant, solid yellow blooms bring cheer to the garden in the early spring.

Fortissimo- Fortissimo pulls out all the stops when it comes to size and color. Pure rich gold petals and a large cup of glowing orange.

Dutch Master- Dutch Master or King Alfred Improved has been America’s favorite daffodil for decades. It’s great for naturalizing and creates the perfect early burst of classic yellow color.

Pink Charm- Pink Charm is the absolute pink favorite. Blooms have full-colored, pink-peach ruffled trumpets with creamy white petals.

Cheerful- Cheerful is the classic, fragrant multi-flowering double that started it all. Like a sweet smelling gardenia.

Sweet Love- Elegant, pure white petals are offset by a gorgeous, golden-yellow cup. Sweet Love is a must-have for any Daffodil lover and makes for cheerful spring bouquets.

Holland Sensation- Holland Sensation gives you golden yellow trumpets with pure white petals. A real dazzler in bloom.

Apricot Whirl- This ruffled beauty boasts elegant, double white blooms with apricot-peach centers. Try planting with other Butterfly Daffodils for an exquisite statement in mid spring

Misty Glen-Misty Glen is a lovely new look in daffodils, like an emerald in the garden. Fresh green center on snow white.


Plant Information


Triumph Jimmy – Jimmy is one of the brightest and most beautiful tulips–fluorescent pink blooms with a shimmering gold-orange edge.

Mango Charm- Elegant, peach blooms turn to soft yellow at the top, making this beauty a must-have both in the garden and cut for spring bouquets.

Paul Scherer- Drama, drama, drama! Stunning, purple-black blooms make a bold statement in the mid spring garden. Like most Triumph Tulips, Paul Scherer has strong, sturdy stems and looks fabulous cut for spring bouquets.

Pink Impression- This famous perennial tulip boasts enormous pink blooms that create a knockout statement in the spring garden. They are a pink favorite around the world and make beautiful cut flowers.

Hakuun- This pure-white Tulip adds elegance and beauty to the spring garden year after year. Hakuun is gorgeous on its own or paired with other mid-spring Tulips.

Magic Lavender- Magic Lavender’s name says it all – Its stunning, lavender-purple blooms create a magical statement in the garden or cut for bouquets. Try pairing with a pure white variety for a lovely, contrasting look.

Ben van Zanten- Ben van Zanten is the famous red tulip that is a standout in any garden. Its vibrant red blooms shine like a jewel in mid spring.

Silver Dollar- These exquisite almost pure white flowers make an unforgetable show, especially at dawn and dusk, lighting up the garden with their serene beauty.

Shirley- Shirley is a unique Tulip with white flowers and distinctive purple blushing throughout each petal. The pattern of white and purple varies from petal to petal making no 2 flowers the same.

Species Tulips

Plant Information

Species Tulips

Rock Garden Coors- This fabulous Double Tulip creates a bold splash of color in the spring garden and is sweetly-fragrant, making it a must-have for any garden. Pair this early-bloomer with a Double Late Tulip to create a long-lasting, colorful statement.

Hatsuzakura- Lovely, pink blooms fade to white at the bottom, making Hatsuzakura a stunning addition to the spring landscape. This fragrant Darwin Tulip is also a perennial, adding cheerful color year after year.

Endless Spring- This bright collection includes varieties of red tulips, all with different shades that will bloom from early to late spring. Try planting big displays so your garden remains colorful all spring.

Dark Blue Iris- This dazzling-blue Iris is often the first sign of spring, popping up in the early months and blooming quickly, growing to be only 4-6” tall. This Specie Iris is perfect for a border garden and is lovely planted in clumps, returning year after year.

Spring Mix- This brilliant color mixture looks great in almost any landscape. Long lasting vibrant flowers appear in late spring. Excellent cut flowers and a snap to grow.

Wild Persian Pearl- Deep magenta rose flowers with a buttercup yellow star on the inside and an exterior silver gray flush. Dependably perennial and deer resistant.

Rock Garden Stresa- Stresa is one of the older varieties of Tulips, boasting large, bi-color blooms and short stems. This famous variety is a true perennial.

Red Emporer- An all-time world favorite, Red Emperor boasts huge, bright red blooms that open wide to show off brilliant yellow and black blotches in the center. Great for naturalizing and cutting.

Wild Lilac Wonder- Luscious light pink flowers with a stunning butter yellow center make these the little treasures of your spring garden. Dependably perennial and deer resistant.

Other Spring Bulbs

Plant Information

Other Spring Bulbs

Peruvian Daffodil- This fabulously fragrant white wildflower is native to South America. Easy to grow and striking in the garden or vase.

Snow Drops- This charming little wildflower from Europe has been a spring favorite for centuries. Plant them in drifts and enjoy them every spring.

Pink Sunrise Hyacinth- Pink Sunrise’s charming, light pink blooms are a wonderful addition to the spring garden. Like other Grape Hyacinths, the cheerful blooms are fragrant and deer-resistant.

Orange Monarch Crocus- Getting its name from gorgeous, bi-colored orange and near-black blooms that resemble a Monarch Butterfly, this Wild Crocus is sure to be one of the first to pop up and delight in the early spring. Growing to be only 3-4” high, plant this beauty somewhere in front where you can enjoy it!

Wild Ruby Crocus- Showy, velvety deep purple flowers with orange anthers add great color to the early spring garden. Grows 3-4″ tall.

Peppermint Hyacinth- Soft blue blooms fade to white at the tops and create a unique statement in the spring garden. Peppermint’s blooms are also fragrant and unappealing to deer!

Blue Moon Crocus- This mix creates a rich blue and purple pool of color. Stunning in the spring lawn. Grows 4-6″ tall.

Pickwick Crocus- Pickwick is the most popular large flowering crocus, with purple and white striped flowers. Plant along walkways or in your lawn for amazing early spring color. Grows 4-6″ tall.

Yellow Crown Fritillaria- These majestic plants create elegant focal points in the garden rising 2 to 3 ft. tall with enormous yellow flowers.